Working fewer hours, yet outperforming everyone else.

Being able to tap into & unravel the greatness you know you have inside.

And do all this without burning out.

This is exactly how the Exceptional 10% of High Performers work. They outperform everyone else (by 400%) without working longer hours or burning out.

So what exactly are they doing differently?

They're taking BRAIN REST

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Stanford research behind the SKY Breath Technique

Take the Burnout Test to Assess your Level of Burnout.

This is the gold-standard test used to assess frontline medics during the pandemic and others in high stress, high risk jobs.

Once you complete the tests you'll immediately be sent your results. Based on your level of burnout you'll be sent curated playlist of our videos and podcasts to begin reversing burnout.

Brain Rest reduce stress and workplace burnout

Testimonies from BRAIN REST™ Users

Corina Fitch
Corina Fitch

Executive Director at MotherFly

As a midwife in solo practice for over 22 years and a mom to 3 daughters, I know firsthand the struggle to juggle it all, and up until B.R.A.I.N. R.E.S.T I felt like I was failing. Sleep deprivation, on-call 24/7, responsible for life and death, 3 kids--all these things left me in a state of anxiety and depletion. 

BRAIN REST™ gave me the deep replenishment that I needed, which led me to the clarity of how I could shift my work by channeling all of my expertise to create a business that allows me to be more present with my family and live with purpose. I cannot recommend B.R.A.I.N.R.E.S.T enough.

Holly Brennan
Holly Brennan

Head of Trading Performance

at Sky

I believe BRAIN REST is a tool that supports how we can work in better ways to serve ourselves and our companies.

My biggest take-away was that effective breaks are indeed a 'win-win'. I value my time more after doing this course and have found little things can make a big difference to my working life and also my home life as a result.

Mary Ennis
Mary Ennis

Customer Experience

Journey Manager at Sky

Since becoming aware of the importance of Brain Rest I have worked to make small changes in my daily schedule, like taking effective breaks, and this has led to more balance in my life. As a result, I’m more focused, clear-headed and productive

Meet Trina Rea,

Meet Trina Rea, B.R.A.I.N. R.E.S.T™ Founder

Trina is a bestselling author, Fulbright TechImpact Scholar and third level lecturer. She was a visiting scholar to New York University and has guest lectured in other third level universities, businesses and multinational companies.

She doesn't believe 'burnout' should be worn as a badge of honour, or that habitual burnout has to go hand in hand with high-powered jobs, instead she wants to show there is a better way.

BRAIN REST™ is more than just a programme which teaches the Habits of the Exceptional 10%.

"In our Accelerator Membership Programme we use neuroscience-based artificial intelligence, specifically machine learning, to positively influence changes in people's work habits and daily behaviour."

"We want to use technology for good, to hook people into healthy work habits which reverse and prevent burnout, and unhook them from bad work habits that cause chronic stress, anxiety, burnout and low productivity".

What do these people have in common?